I put this together quickly (with some helpful tweaks from Adam Rokhsar) to Illustrate an idea in
A music video treatment I wrote with my BirdmachineBird partner , Traci Goudie  for The Lumineers band. The idea was that an amorphous shape traveled throughout the video and interacted with the band members , freezing ghostly shapes of whatever it passed in front of . I wanted to illustrate how one would interact with something like this so I created a static shape (quick and easy) , half of the screen,   and used Max / Jitter to create this simple patch.
This is an example of how I use traditional oil painting techniques with digital processes to create a work . Often more than one piece is created as a result of mixing paintings with digital images.
The Image 1 is an oil painting "created" from  image 2. Image 2 is a digital print and dye based pigments created from a stage in image 1's development. I used 2 pieces and their distinctive processes (animation, painting, sound interaction, technology distortion) to interact and relate with each other to create the "Frozen under powerlines series"

image 1
image 2
to quote from an earlier blog, "" This is a piece using electrical "white noise",EMF's,  as an inspirational and direct input source point to manipulate the images. We live in a world enveloped by a sphere of unseen information. Myriads of signals pass through us daily through orbiting satellites , cell phones and power grids to radio waves and LCD monitors...... how does this effect us, physiologically and spiritually?"

this is a clip of the Bart Hess image being processed in real time to Madonna's song Vogue. It's possible that this clip infringes on copyright law but is only being used as an example to illustrate how the piece "Bart.Hess_Lady.Gaga2.Madonna_Vogue.Max/Jitter" was created.

this is a new piece that is hanging at the Woodstock
Framing Gallery in Woodstock, NY; in a show curated by Norm Magnusson
on the subject of copyright law and fair use.

As far as the piece, I'll explain it just a bit because my

process can be understood as the flip-side of the curated

subject matter witch is "Fair Use".

I used a photograph of!!Iconic Pop star Lady Gaga!taken by

the great Artist Bart Hess . Then I wrote a software patch

that takes algorithms from Madonnas song Vogue (used for

free via Pandora.com) and then used the amplitude as an

information input to create digital distortions along to the

music in real time.

I then recorded those distortion animations and saved them

as .mov files , turning the still image into a movie. I went

through the still frames of the movie and selected one. I

then made plastic layers of digital prints and paintings with

dye based pigments and alcohol. framed it and backlit it.

The piece is titled:


- Patrick Hubik

working with Harvestworks

I am super excited about this installation project. It will be an interactive experience involving traditional painting and interactive technologies. I will be getting help developing the pieces from Adam Rokhsar, and Harvestworks in Manhattan. If your not familiar with Harvestworks than check out there web site ....now!(www.harvestworks.org)They are a great non for profit organization that supports the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies. Also check out Adams fascinating work ...http://vimeo.com/rokhsar.The next few blogs will explain the work in detail.

the captivation of Pantheism interactive Artist proposal

Enrique Iglesias

intro that I produced for an Enrique Iglesias song